Gluten-Reduced Beer

I have made a personal decision to not drink gluten-reduced beer.  I know it’s controversial, but since my Tissue Transglutaminase IGG has doubled, even though I remain 100% g-f, I’m being extra careful.  This report is one of the many that I have read that led to my decision.  I am a paid member of GFWD, so I’m hoping you can read this:

Can Individuals with Celiac Disease Drink Barley-Based “Gluten-Removed” Beers such as Omission? A Gluten Free Watchdog Special Report

Gluten Free Craft Beer!

Have you all seen this story in Allergic Living? Yes, I now subscribe to a magazine called Allergic Living. I thought I was a nerd when I subscribed to Cooking Light, which I recently cancelled. I used to think – well, I can just make any recipes with gluten, and substitute other things. Then I thought – why? I now subscribed to magazines that have g-f recipes to begin with….

Anyhow!!! Back to the beer – check this awesomeness out!  I have tried Ground Breaker’s IPA in cans, and it rocks….

The Craft Brewmasters Who Are Getting Gluten-Free Beer Right